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Partnered with industry-leading manufacturers and certified engineers, it is Intelligent Networks, Inc.’s goal to provide comprehensive technology solutions with your business objectives in mind. We feel that there are very few “out-of-the-box” solutions that comprehensively satisfy business’s needs. To provide the best in technical solutions, it is important to us to completely understand your business goals and what it is you expect to gain from your technology investment. It is only then that we can tailor a solution to benefit your business to the fullest. Intelligent Networks, Inc. strives to keep acronyms such as “TCO” (total cost of ownership) and “ROI” (return on investment) at the forefront of your technology plan. We seek to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability with each task completed.

We offer four different Managed Services plans to meet every need, from the most basic monitoring, helpdesk and remote access solutions to a total "360 Degree" plan, offering total coverage and support for every facet of the technological aspect of your business. The technology available, access, and insight to the hardware and networks now gives the ability to see issues coming, address those in a planned manner and provide the users/employees the best tools available to be profitable for their respective companies. We combine these tools with proven maintenance schedules to provide a proactive approach to our network management with insight into the core of the network infrastructure and devices that has, historically, been impossible.

  • 90 Degree

    Basic Monitoring, Patching, HelpDesk & Remote Access

  • 180 Degree

    + Optimization & Asset Management

  • 270 Degree

    + Remote Support & Antivirus Management

  • 360 Degree

    Total Coverage - Fixed Price IT

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